The OWA log in is the same as your active directory log in.
Username = last name space first name
Password = the same password that you use to log into our computers here in the district.
Take a moment to familurize yourself with the layout of this software.
Everything needed is all on this opening screen.
Upper left shows your mail inbox, folders and sent items.
Middle column is your inbox. Unread items have an envelope icon, read items show an icon where the envelope is opened.
To the right is a snapshot view of your read or unread mail. This option can be turned on or off depending on your choice.
The lower left hand icons are quick links to your Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Documents and Public Folders.

Message view is of your email inbox. All read and unread emails are visible. If you delete an email it will be removed from this view. The snapshot to the right is a quick peek into your email message. This is availalbe for all emails, whether they have been read or not. This snapshot view can be toggled on or off very easily.

Taking a moment to empty your deleted items from OWA will free up space on our email server. Please make it a habit to do this throughout the year.
This will launch the search function for contacts.
District accounts can be searched here. Use first names for this search.
Click on the name once it comes up in search. Phone numbers are available in this search. Any event created in their calendar will show up as not available for booking. This is a handy way to find phone numbers and check availability all while composing an email.
Once the name is selected, click on the To,Cc or Bcc selection to select members for the message recipients .

All district created groups are searchable here.
In the upper left hand corner, click on show other address lists, then click on all groups. All groups start with a d because they are district distribution lists.
Staff can create their own distribution lists from district members as well as members from other emails. This is very helpful if a teacher is creating a distribution list that will include parent addresses .
Under new, select distribution list.
Search for members from our district or type in emails from parents etc. Very important, there must be a (;) separating these names. The group will error out if there is a (,) or a (:).
Once you add names and select save, then your distribution list is available for use within your emails.

Once you have composed an email, the member is then readily available . As soon as you begin to type the name it will appear as a selection. Love this feature!13
As you are replying to an email, there are all these options one can use. If you would like to add an importance or urgency to this email, select importance. Add a signature easily, attach a file, spell check and send the email, all are one clicks.
Compose your email and then select send. If spell check is selected (under options), it will spell check, have you correct all misspelled words, then give you the option once again to send. This feature is priceless for me!
Like a hard copy of your email, save to a folder... These options are available here.
OK! Let's move on to the Calendar Options!
Select Calendar in the lower left hand corner of the screen.
All events can be viewed in Today, Day, Week, Work Week (Does not include weekends) or Month views.
If your Internet Browser is Firefox, you are limited with these views. Only a Day view is offered.
In Day view, click on Event that you created. More information becomes available . With your mouse, you can slide the event around if a rescheduling is needed.


To schedule a meeting, fill in required members, select date, time and location. Attach any files that may be needed. Include agenda etc. Use the room locater to schedule an available room. Click send to sent out invitations.

Last modified: Monday, August 15, 2011, 12:55 PM