Podcasting – What is it? ·

 A Podcast is a web feed of audio or video files placed on the internet for anyone to subscribe to.

· Subscribing (free) to a Podcast allows a user to collect programs from a variety of sources for listening or viewing OFFLINE at whatever time and place is convenient to them.

Downloaded Episodes

Can now be played, replayed or archived as with any computer file.

This differs from streaming files because streaming files require a constant connection to the internet and only one source at a time can be viewed.

RSS Really Simple Syndication

Format for syndicating news and other content from the internet.

Selectively choose what information to pull to you.

Get new content when it becomes available.

Used to distribute files - podcasting.

• Once a file is created with this “tag” in it’s metadata, every-time a new show is posted then it will automatically be downloaded to the users computer.

• Itunes is a powerful piece of software to accomplish this task, but it’s not the only software available.

• It’s free, it’s available for PC’s as well as Macs and it syncs with an iPod with a click of a mouse.

Podcasting Files and Presentations

Podcasting in Education Brochure


Podcasting Presentation - SHS Aug 08


SHS Counceling Department Information - SHS 2009


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